Nylabone Puppy Teething Rings Dog Chew Toy

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Teething is a crucial part of your puppy's development. Our Puppy Teething Rings encourage healthy chewing habits from a young age and satisfy your pup's natural urge to chew. Made with textured puppy-friendly material, this chew toy entertains young dogs and helps them cope with separation anxiety, boredom, or stress. The puppy teething toy also helps clean teeth as dogs chew. This chew toy is intended for puppies and should not be given to dogs with adult teeth. If you've got a pup who loves to chew, these teething rings are perfect for your pooch!

  • Three rings made with textured, puppy-friendly material
  • Helps clean teeth through chewing action
  • Perfect for teething pups
  • Teaches healthy, non-destructive chewing habits
  • Satisfies your puppy's natural chewing instincts
  • Chew toy for puppies up to 25 pounds